Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dream Fragment 3

The coin tumbles in the ether black of the water. Heads. Tails. Heads. Twisting past strings of black pearls and bio-luminescence, the unflinching face of the coin flickers like so many mackerel caught in the half light of the night moon’s occasional penetrating gloom. Landing at last on the jagged reef; An astronaut stranded in a cratered lost place. Now a member forever of the unclaimed, the missing and the drown. Countless coins, thousands of beautiful women and millions of torn and rotting ships named for women now call him home. He calls them home too, nestled in the fetid breast of this angry oceanic garbage slough.  Will he pass from the colon of this black sea some day? Spat back into a place of light? Or is there a place more dark than this? 

The boy struggles to wake. He knows or hopes he is sleeping, and wants not to be here any longer than he has already been. Too far to return would he just die? Fear comes over him again and wrestles greedy fingers into the meat of his soul. He is hemorrhaging and strength is leaving him, seeping into the dark sand near the reef. He looks up at the stars and wonders which of them is his home. The wasted copper capsule of his spacecraft nearby has already begun to decompose. The Milky Way is made up of tiny fish that flash quickly as they turn and disappear leaving the absolute darkness felt only when the zeppelin of a nightmare passes blotting out all thought of light. 

The pain is stunning and rips a hole in the nightmare. Some bird is tearing a hunk of his head, its chunky beak and head thrashing back and forth to dislodge his ear from the tattered remains of his cheek. He screams and hears the bird speak in a language he cannot understand, “Fucking thief in my shop, yer skinny little fuck you’ll wish ye had died in the plagues when I’m done with you, wake up!”

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