Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seasonal Coffee at Cafe 409

Call it the change of season, but for some reason lately it’s just seemed like a great idea to toss something extra into the basket in the morning. The best is a pinch of Rooibos Chai, but I know straight cinnamon is also a nice alternative and may even offer health benefits, according to smart people I know. For a few years after moving from Belize I drank coffee from anywhere but Latin America, but I’m using the fresh ground Guatemala coffee sold by the sweet if not overly sycophantic café in my apartment building again, it makes me happy. 


Last time I went to World Spice they told me they’re working with Amazon Prime, Market Spice (Pike Place just southwest of the pig) made this one, as you can see. 

My fiancée  gets really cranky when the weather turns grey, so maybe that’s another reason for spicing up the Joe, it gets us out of bed in the morning that much more pleasantly. Listening to Daughter and London Grammar, seems to go with the grey over Puget Sound.

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