Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It certainly didn’t sound like much once the trees cracking and settling stopped. We’d been hunting when we heard the noise, went to investigate. And when we got there it wasn’t much to look at really.

About as big as a small army tent, it’s shiny surface like beveled chrome or scratchy stainless steel. It was emitting some steam or misty stuff from various areas near the ground, otherwise it was unremarkable, an average public art piece, only thing missing was people eating lunch by it. Then people showed up. Some even ate lunch by it, coming up with theories. This was early on, before all the freaks showed up claiming all sorts of bull. The thing I saw, in the beginning, was nothing like the stuff they wrote and said later. I want to say for the record that in the beginning it was weird, sure- but not as weird as later.

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Seattle Center desktop 1
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