Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rock Fever

Thanks to amazing photographer Laurie Wakefield for these recent shots!
This is the house I grew up in while we lived on St. Croix is an old Danish Plantation building. Originally the gardener's house, it was one great room with some other rooms built off the main room. There is a Baobab tree in the yard, which is still there today.
I waited for the bus in the morning by the crumbling gate of the Butler Bay Estate. The water was just across the road, the kind of volcanic edge that you find where there is no beach. There were tide pools that octopus made homes in. If we found a limpet or snail we liked that still had an animal inside, we laid it in the tide pool for the octopus. when we came home after school, the shell was there. the animal inside- no.
Not far from here the Moors who had come to the island before the Danish have carved a 20ft by 1oft pool directly into the coral bank so they could swim safe from the dangers of the sea they bravely crossed to find the island in the first place.

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