Friday, October 8, 2010

My Dad is Sasquatch, By Rachel Sasquatch

Daddy gets me pretty dresses. He orders them on the internet because he can't go to stores. When they come to the post office I go there on my bike. They always know its for me because they see my name on the box. I have a mountain bike, naturally, since we live in the woods.
I'm home schooled. I used to go to kindergarten. Daddy would walk me to the bus stop and wait in the trees until the bus came. One time someone saw him and then he couldn't walk me anymore, that's when I got taken out of school and started home schooling. I like it. Daddy shows me things in the woods, like what berries you can eat and which ones will make you sick. At lunch I braid his hair. Sometimes he reads to me and I look up at the trees, listening to him. He likes Goethe and Emerson, his German is funny sounding.
Daddy doesn't like people, its because he's different. I look like people. I wish I looked more like daddy, He's got brown hair and mine is more blonde. He makes me wear shoes. I hate shoes! He says its so I can go and be with people when I get older. Daddy can't wear shoes because his feet are too big but he gets mad when I call him big foot, he says big foot is a redneck.

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